KWS-1: When SSB was Brand New

The KWS-1 and 75A4 were introduced in 1955, 4 years before I was born. SSB was brand new – and I am sure the AM vs. SSB argument was raging. I also am betting that Collins helped really change things with this awesome pair of receiver and transmitter.


Gold Dust Twins: Stays Young!

Excellent old advertisement – with a 60+ year old rig in front of my face . . .

The Visitor

Imagine that you decided to move way out into the country, and that your driveway is a long and winding gravel or dirt road to your home. You are so remote – you have no neighbors, and in fact, you are more or less hidden from the outside world.

Occasionally a wayward traveler makes a wrong turn and ends up driving toward your house. Or so it would seem.

Is this an accident – or intentional?

The Decemberists

One of my all time favorite rock bands is The Decemberists. I love their fun “old soul” approach to an imagined history in lyrics – one that is no doubt based on Colin Meloy reading history and literature. The band is simply fantastic – all musicians are superb.

They aren’t perfect – but they are always fun. They always seem to have one song on each album that pushes it one step over the line – and live – they do one thing that drives me nuts – they build a great head of steam, and just as you expect the show to get to the crescendo, they do this idiotic “sing along” for pure December-Nerds”. They need to do that crap maybe in the beginning or during an encore – but not right in the middle of the show – which is a buzz kill.

But I still love this band anyway. Great stuff from a great town – Portland, Oregon


2019: Year of “One Wheeled Pig Boy”

One Wheeled Pig Boy and his side kick Rudy

Its going to be a much more interesting year than I had expected. Certainly more interesting than last year – which was crazy, and upsetting, but where a big new blue blast of hope came in and history will write that our democracy was saved.

The upheaval we have – and are experiencing – will not last as long as some have expected, but “One Wheeled Pig Boy” is now cornered like the dirty rat bastard that he is , and I do expect this SOB will flee just like he did in his many bankruptcies or his bone spurred cowboy cowardice regarding dodging the Vietnam draft. He is the pussy he says he has been grabbing.

In the end – his preservation of what riches he has left will overpower his lust for power, and he will go out more with a whimper than a bang. It will be a huge surprise for most . . .

Driver 8 – Life Chugs Along . . .

Driver 8 – Assemblage – from my past

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – Driver 8 by REM – my favorite train song – and I pretty much like all train songs . .

Ella Mae Morse

I have this album cover in my shack – just because it is a cute album cover with Morse Code as the topic.

As it turns out – she was quite an interesting singer – who crossed several different genres – Jazz, Blues, Western and even a prelude to rock. She was actually quite hip and soulful – more so than some of the more popular singers of her time. Many of the most popular singers were more “sappy” or “schmaltzy”. She had a more direct and even punchy style.

She was pure fun – and I think a tad bit overlooked and under rated.

Now – hearing her or any period Jazz or Blues music on my SW-3 or 75A-4 is a joy. I can “get in the mood” and feel what it was like back in my parents day – before I was born.

Big fun in the little shack.