My Favorite Low Band Books

This is the most amazingly comprehensive book in ham radio – and its focus on the Low Bands shows just how much there is to the Low Bands, and why I have ended up in this space with this new blog. I contacted the ARRL to see if they will put out a 6th Edition – and they said there were no plans. I knew that John, ON4UN was retiring after this 5th Edition. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this book. Mine is so dog eared that I purchased a second so that when the day comes that my well worn one gives up the ghost – I will have a fresh new on on hand.

This book is not a Low Band book per se, but its the best book on propagation – where the topic (which can be quite complex) is described in a very easy to understand way – and has just the right illustrations that match the text.

In fact, later today I’ll have a nice glass of wine and just read select articles from these two books. I usually learn something new every time I open them.


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