SPE Expert 1.3K-FA First Impressions

I wasn’t in the market for a new amplifier, but when looking at the new Elecraft KPA-1500 (and realizing the price would never get board approval), I looked at competing products and found this one. I read the reviews, looked at the price, and as soon as I sold my old car – I ordered one.

First of all – its a dream footprint wise and it has a very nice setup / config interface – its very intuitive and the manual got me started right away. With the cable Dan made, the amp tracks the K3 perfectly. Some things to note:

  • It does put out 1.5 KW no problem
  • The drive you need to give it is tiny – lower than what you have to give the Elecraft KPA-500 (and that as already low)
  • The tuner reminds me of the ACOM 1500 which is that it will match up to a 3:1 SWR, (the Elecraft KAT-500 range is much better). Luckily, my 40M phased array, home brewed 20M yagi and the “Mod Bob” on 160M are resonant on each of those bands – so I have three bands that do not require an outboard tuner – and the 1.3K covers each of the entire bands, which is great. When I run high power I try extra hard to offer a good SWR right at the antenna. I do need an out board tuner for 80 and 30M – and that’s what the Palstar BT-1500A is for – it will be mounted in a weatherproof box out back right at the antenna at some point – I will experiment with it this weekend. Maybe I will finally build that remote synchro or stepper motor drive for the BT1500A – make it Arduino based. That should almost be an “out of the box” project, but we shall see. It all depends on whether or not I also need to switch in the Hi and Lo Z portions of the BT1500A, or if all I need to do is tune the two front panel L and C control knobs. Anyway all of this was baked into my decision to go for the BT1500A, but I digress . . .

Bob and Dan at Expert Linears were the best to deal with and I highly recommend them. I loved my ACOM 1500, but I just found the next step up in my amplifier pursuit, and the price was right in my budget. I very much see why people have ranted and raved about this excellent Italian amplifier – and Expert Linears America, LLC (the US Distributor).

I do think it will make a difference on 160M and because the bands have been so lousy – I’m thinking more and more that full power will be needed for Bouvet . . .

I will keep the KPA-500 and KAT-500 as backup.


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