The Mod Bob Feed Point Project

I’ve got a BUD weatherproof gasketed NEMA box that is perfect to house the Palstar BT1500A. This weekend I will put it out at the antenna and hook up the 12V supply line. I have an old switch box that I can use for now – and I might put a coax “tee” at the input so I can go out and plug in my AA-30 re tune it manually for whatever band I will be on with the Mod Bob antenna.

In the mean time I will be receiving 2 NEMA 23 stepper motors, drivers and possibly an Arduino DUE, which was recommended over the Arduino UNO that I have. I will also use the 8 conductor rotator line that is already set up to power the BT1500A and the Arduino – but will try to use wireless to control the actual steppers via the Arduino board. I am thinking I’d like to just use two optical encoders in the shack and I can just watch the SWR meter on the Expert 1.3K FA and K3 while tuning – just as if the tuner were in the shack.

I can’t get on 80 or 30M right now until I get at least the manual set up working. I know from writing code – that its always a good idea to run it manually as if you are in production while QA-ing – you always find operational quirks that you never ctch when in your development environment. Luckily there is absolutely nothing going on for me to chase – so I just play on 160, 40 and 20 with my resonant antennas. With the activity level and conditions as they are – I’m not missing a thing.

So – this weekend will be the time to do it – this past weekend was over 100 degrees out – so its was an indoor / air conditioned weekend for me. Luckily we then get our fog back in – and I saw it starting to build in San Francisco, so this means I should have a nice weekend ahead for the very start of this project.

I’m not in a big hurry – I want to play around with the Arduino stuff in the shack and also get my ideas well formed before I commit and “go live”. I have all summer to play with this stuff – which is tres coolio.

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