Remote Controlled BT1500A – Part 1: Basic Infrastructure

I’ve completed the first step of the project – to get the weatherproof BUD Industries box on the center element support of the Mod Bob antenna. You can see the coax and control cable sticking up out of the underground PVC pipe. The two Stepper motors will be mounted on an aluminum rail that lines the motors up with the shafts and they will have the proper shaft couplers. The clearance at the top of the box is perfect for the motors and the Raspberry Pi board and whatever driver board I use.

I also have a little control box left over from another project that is perfect to supply power to the BT1500A and also whatever processor I use out at the tuner.

I also received my Raspberry Pi processor – that has WiFI and Bluetooth on board. I’m starting to think I might go the Raspberry Pi route – but not sure yet. Raspberry Pi supports Python, and I would love to use Python. I also received the two stepper motors and the mounting brackets.

Raspberry Pi Stepper Motor wiring. I will need both 12 and 5V going out to the tuner. There are $15 dual voltage supplies that have the right current for the Stepper motors, so that will be easy to do.

It started getting hot – so I will wait until the shade hits that spot later today and at least pound the ground rod in, and maybe even hook everything up. If I don’t do it today, I will first thing in the morning tomorrow.


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