Remote Controlled BT1500A – Part 2: Raspberry Pi

OK – I am now officially ADDICTED to Raspberry Pi and Python as a FANTASTIC ham radio control and command platform. Since I was an Oracle DBA and UNIX Systems Administrator in my younger days, and am now a Python programmer, having a little computer with WiFi and Bluetooth already on board is too cool. And being able to work on a Linux / Debian based system (Raspian) plus Python already in the OS and with so many Python examples, that’s it.

The Raspberry Pi, like the Arduino is as small as a credit card. Its already connected to my home WiFi and setting up the OS.

But I Googled Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi and basically, Arduino is more than enough for my project, but I’d have to code in C or C#, which I do know. Maybe I will even try both with the Stepper motors and see which performs better. Maybe C on the Arduino doing the two control things is plenty enough. Maybe the Arduino goes out in the tuner box and maybe I send commands via the Raspberry Pi – that monitors a band change and automatically sets the L and C – client server style? Maybe make a wireless fully automatic antenna switch too?

Anyway, I am having one problem. Raspbian Lite installs with no issues, and it has Python, so that’s all that matters to me, BUT the full version of Raspian ends up with a boot error on a kernel load and then when the Pixel (X Windows) gui comes up, my mouse freezes. I will try to swap out that wireless mouse (which works fine in NOOB) with a wired one as I suspect its some blue tooth driver problem.

Anyway – solving problems is like working an ATNO – I get the same buzz from either, no more, no less.

Speaking of experimenting and solving problems – just for fun I hooked up a 4:1 balun on the Mod Bob – and the SWR was 1.1:1 on 20M and 17M. Signals in some cases were better on the  Mod Bob on 20M than my 2 element yagi – and I expect it was a short skip situation.

Anyway, I got sidetracked with this super cool Raspberry Pi fun – that I’ll have to finalize the basic wiring of the Palstar BT1500A remote tomorrow.

I am having the most fun I’ve had in ham radio in a long time. Thank God for the Makers . . . DXCC would have me whining that “nothing interesting” is on until Bouvet – and that mindset was getting more stale than a fart in an elevator.



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