Remote Controlled BT1500A Part 3: All Wired Up

The tuner is mounted in its waterproof gasketed box and has been tested to make sure the SPE 1.3K can work with it. The answer is Yes.

I said “servo” in the video but meant stepper motor. Anyway, that’s the next big half of the project – getting the stepper motors working and installed. In the mean time – its easy enough to go out back and manually change bands. We don’t get rain until November, so I have plenty of time, and will take my time and learn along the way. In fact, besides checking into a nightly net of 75M, I have nothing going on radio wise – but do have 40 and 20M which just use the internal tuner of the SPE.

Onward – and this next few steps will be where I learn the most.

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