Raspberry Pi “Happy Accident”

Just for fun, I decided to download Putty onto my new Windows 10 laptop and SSH into the little Raspberry Pi, as if it were a server. Holy smokes! Its IS a little server:

For whatever reason, and now I know its not even worth bothering with – the GUI stuff in Raspian (Pixel) just won’t load on my Raspberry Pi. That’s OK, because I don’t need that bloat anyway – this little guy is meant to be a slave to my Palstar BT1500A tuner and just make the stepper motors work.

And so – the happy accident is that Raspian Lite Jesse is exactly what I want and need.

Now, this is incredible. I downloaded an Android ssh client called Juice and am logged into my Raspberry Pi from my Android phone. Gee, now I know what all the hubub has been about these last several years. Heck I’m almost late to the game – heh heh.

OK – now I need to order a Nema 23 stepper motor driver for either the Arduino or the Raspberry Pi – but I am actually MUCH more excited about the Raspberry Pi than the Arduino. Its really cool to have such a choice though!

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