Raspberry Pi Communicating With Arduino Uno


Arduino boards are great to dedicate them to one function. In my immediate “use case” I want to have a control box that supplies power and has two knobs to control my remote antenna tuner. I might even add a little LCD to give feedback from the tuner – like what offset the L and C Stepper motors are at.

If I were to control the remote tuner from my laptop via wireless it would be all digital – but I kind of like the tactile feel of analog – not to mention the rotary encoder “knobs” would be right below my SPE 1.3K FA amplifier and K3 – so I could tune and watch their SWR meters. I wouldn’t need to know what the SWR is at the antenna tuner at all – its best to read it right at the amplifier – since that’s the whole reason I even have that remote tuner – to keep the amplifier happy.

SO – while I could do this with my laptop – with its built in wireless, if I do build a box with the encoders and LCD – it could be powered by a Raspberry Pi that talks to my Arduino – which would be out in the tuner box along with the two stepper motors, their driver boards, the Arduino, a wireless board and just the DC wires going out there to power it all.

If I were concerned about the WiFI getting fried by my Mod Bob running full juice – I suppose I could run a 60′ Cat 5 cable – I have to think about this, and this is what my Summer Project will be. I’m glad that this project offers some challenge and fill at least July with fun stuff to do.

One other thing that is super cool – Fritzing:


Its truly the antidote to the “DX Doldrums” . . .


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