Tuning The Palstar BT1500A With Two Rotary Encoders

This tutorial gives me another part of the puzzle – it looks like a rotary encoder has 4 wires which tells me a lot about how I might use two of these in the shack. If they were wired, the wires would be 60′ long – and I’m thinking that that run is too long. I might try it as an experiment just for laughs – but it sure seems like using the encoders with a control head and sending the commands over WiFI would make more sense.

If I were to go with a wired solution, my entire 8 wire rotator cable would be used up. Since my Rat Pack switch is only using 3 out of its 8 wire line, that leaves 5 wires for voltage for the BT1500A and Arduino remote board. In fact, I could even gang the Ratpack and BT1500A switch power because the Ratpack will always be on – and so turning the BT1500A on at the same time might b e OK.

But going WiFI is truly a great convenience.

Anyway – one more aspect of the project, and I will go find a decent set of encoders so I can play and learn.


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