Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10!

SSH into the Raspberry Pi from Windows 10 Ubuntu Bash

On Windows 10, the “Creator” version, there is a great feature that is Beta and unchecked (not turned on) after you get the Creator upgrade. Its more than just Bash on Windows 10, its Ubunto. It comes with most of the Linux utilities, so the first thing I did was uninstall Putty. Its pretty amazing to have a real shell and that it be compatible with Linux. This means I seriously don’t see why I’d buy a Mac again. I’m still angry that I had a very nice, powerful but expensive Mac Tower that they just discontinued support for the OS – I think it was 10.4 or so. I swear Apple makes its money by “planned obsolescence”.

I’ll take this inexpensive Asus laptop with a larger monitor, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB disk for $500. And I can do all the development I want just like I was on a Mac or Linux box – plus the Windows native apps are far better than the cheesy stuff on the Mac.

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