Saint 03C

A few years ago I made this silly little art piece (“assemblage”) and I called it “Saint 03C”. I was just going through a big junk box, and the block printing letters at first didn’t seem to spell anything. Then I remember the 2 years I worked at Lockheed in Sunnyvale on Mainframes coding COBOL. I vaguely remember an 03C error, and sure enough:



The auxiliary storage manager (ASM) found that not enough auxiliary storage space is available for system operation:

During IPL
Either the required number of page data sets was not specified, or ASM has detected a problem with a required page data set.
After IPL
ASM has run out of usable auxiliary storage for the pageable link pack area (PLPA), common or local page data sets, and any storage-class memory (SCM).

A reason code identifies the error:

The cause of the error cannot be determined because of an error in recovery processing.
Insufficient paging space. All local paging data sets are full, and there is no available SCM.
The PLPA data set is full, SCM; is full, and the common data set is unavailable.
The common data set is full, SCM is full, and the PLPA data set is unavailable.
SCM is full, and the PLPA and common data sets are unavailable.

System action

During IPL, the system issues message IEA935W, then enters this wait state. After IPL, the system issues message ILR008W, then enters this wait state, unless all the local page data sets and storage-class memory (SCM) blocks were unusable; in that case, the system does not issue a message before entering this wait state.

Operator response

Notify the system programmer. ReIPL the system, specifying larger page data sets or additional page data sets, or additional SCM blocks.

System programmer response

Do one of the following:

  • Redefine spaces to conform with the description provided in paging planning specifications. Ask the operator to reIPL with the CLPA option.
  • Provide additional paging spaces and make them available through either the PAGE parameter or the IEASYSxx parmlib member during reIPL.
  • After additional paging spaces are added and the system is re-IPLed, issue the D ASM command to monitor the available paging space to help prevent a reoccurrence of the wait state condition.
  • Provide additional SCM blocks and make them available to the system using the CONFIG SCM ONLINE command.


Auxiliary storage manager (ASM)

Serendipity!From the IBM MVS (z/OS) manual.

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