My First Oscilloscope

The Arduino and Raspberry Pi offer a wonderful set of inputs and outputs which will let me really dig in and start to understand electronics and computers in a way I have never been able before. I know that there are continuous signals and voltages and pulsing signals and voltages, and vaguely remember PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) from my ham test – but I am a visual learner – so a scope will no doubt be a great addition to my little “lab”.

I’m also getting a variable power supply.

Well, I really feel like I’m moving fast into my next “chapter” in my hobby. DXCC and DX-ing was great for all those years – as was antenna designing and building, but the combination of hardware / software / firmware has caught my entire attention.

The best news – since I am coding C and Python in conjunction with this Maker world – it firmly aligns with what I do at work.

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