ZP5/NX4N: DXCC #87 on 160M!

Picture Perfect Greyline QSO with Paraguay – Map from VOACAP Online

Its been 3 months since I’ve worked any DX, and Top Band is my last stop on the DXCC Train. I worked Chris with the wrong antenna and a very high SWR. I used 100 watts into the “both direction” (180 degree broadside) setting of my 40M phased vertical array. This is the antenna that I often use as a very quiet Top Band RX antenna – in fact – by accident – last summer I found that this antenna meet or beat any other RX antenna and even some expensive equipment (NCC-2) that I tried. After our QSO, I found the Mod Bob to be the best RX antenna – even with its extra noise. I also did hear Chris on the Wellbrook ALA1530LNP – so boy, do I have my 160M RX antennas all dialed in and snug as a bug in a rug.

I MUST get out back and switch the Mod Bob manually to 160M – ASAP! And leave it there – heh heh . . . 

I really think we have turned the corner on 160M – that we are past the worst of the decline of Cycle 24, and that we are about to start having great Top Band and Low Band propagation. I also have had this theory that the “run up” to the Summer Solstice is the worst time of the year for Top Band, but that things start getting better every day past it. It makes sense – we start having shorter days.

Luckily, several teams known to activate on 160M are now on the calendar, and these are one’s I need – and which also should be very workable, if not easy:

  • V47JA – Jon does a good job from St. Kitts and Nevis – July 12 – August 5
  • T88GA – I swear I worked it last year, but was NIL, so I will try again – July 22 – 30
  • 5T5OK – Mauritania – not easy, but possible – September 16 – 28
  • VK9XI – Christmas Island – October 2 – 10
  • VK9CI and VK9CZ – active October and November
  • TO2SP – St. Barts – November

I very seriously doubt that I will work 3Y0Z on 160 – and think It will take all of the steam I can throw to get them on one band – my guess will be 40M, maybe 20M and 30M.

There will be others, but I could actually make DXCC on 160M – which will give me 9BDXCC within this next year. I actually feel like it will happen in 2018, after Bouvet.

Its funny how I thought I had all the time in the world to get this remote antenna tuner project done – but its already July 7, which just seems like this summer is moving very fast. I’m having fun – but always look forward to the Fall months, and our October all the way through Thanksgiving gives us superb weather.

A celebration is in order after work – Viva Top Band!


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