Raspberry Pi GPIO Breakout Board

The Raspberry Pi’s IO ports (GPIO) are not that easy to access, so they make a nifty way to prototype circuits like what I am trying to do.

I also learned about a utility that is part of a C library called wiringPi which is one of a few that lets you easily access the GPIO input and output pins in a similar manner as how you access pins on the Arduino.

wiringPi comes with a really cool utility called gpio, and it lists all of the pins on the GPIO and their state.

I am learning so much more and so much faster than I ever learned anything in my DXCC chasing days. Holy smokes.


4 Comments on “Raspberry Pi GPIO Breakout Board

  1. You’re having too much fun, and now I’m starting to regret selling you that o-scope! It’s definitely a good time to brush up your “making” skills. The same way you got a job back in the day because you were a ham, these days, people like to see that github account with your Raspberry Pi stuff in it.


  2. Its like the “100 Electronics Projects Set” my parents got me when I was a kid!


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