VOACAP Online – Jari Has Added a Superb SP – LP Feature!

You now see SP and LP buttons on Jari’s new grey line mapping feature:

I’m actually analyzing something I need – CE on 160M, but this map would be even more fun for Heard Island, Amsterdam or South Africa:

I wanted to see when ZS and W6 would be right at the grey line for both of us – and it turns out in a month from now – the SP during the W6 sunset and ZS sunrise would be a good time to check. 

What this tells me is on 160M it just might be possible to work ZS when the time lines up just right. Before this tool, I sort of could figure this out, but it only just occurred to me that you need much finer “resolution” because you need to know when the right 10 minutes will be. VOACAP Online is the first tool to deliver such resolution. In fact, I believe this might even be better than a prediction. It helps you to develop DX-ing strategies.

I will do a more extensive analysis using 40M when I listen to a group who gets on every morning (year round) on the West Coast – and where they look for the ZS stations during our morning LP each day. My theory is that that LP path is the worst right around Summer Solstice, but is quite good for the rest of the year. I can now use this tool and see why my theory might turn out to be correct. I can’t blame it entirely on the day length – because we are in opposite hemispheres. My theory might turn out to show that both solstices are not as good – I will have to pay closer attention. But – this form of thinking and theorizing is now aided by VOACAP Online – its a great learning tool.

I used to use VOACAP Online, Sunrise-Sunset and then DX Atlas, but with these new features – those three steps in my analysis can be done all in VOACAP ONline – Bravo Jari – great work, tools for low banders are needed – and VOACAP Online is forging the way.

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