LU5OM VOACAP Online and Bouvet Greyline Path

For a couple of hours this morning I listened to LU5OM who called CQ during the different phases of the grey line. He was only ESP when we were both in night time darkness. But his signal steadily got better during each “progression”:

He was Q5 during this next “phase”. As always, you can’t go by S meter on Top Band – its all about signal to noise ratio, and the Mod Bob is great on TX and RX. In fact it sometimes beats my other two RX antennas, which hardly ever happened with my previous RX antennas – and I have tried them all last summer.

He was very strong during this phase – and stayed this way until his sunrise – right when the final transition to sunrise took place. The most interesting thing is that right now – Manuel is in his Winter, and so he has his longest and slowest greyline. I have my fastest being this far north.

You know, since LU5OM is about 2/3rds of the way to 3Y, and because Manuel runs an Inverted L with only 500 watts, I am starting to think that Bouvet could very well be workable on Top Band.

Lets use VOACAP Online to analyze Bouvet in October 2017 and January 2018 – just to line up with post Autumnal Equinox and post Winter Solstice:

Roughly 0430 utc, and the West Coast evening should be very possible. Because they will be running 1500 watts and its almost entirely a water path, I am now much more convinced that the Low Bands will be super important for Bouvet in October, but lets looks at when 3Y0Z will be there:

VOACAP Online covers the year grey line wise – so I am using December 31 here. What I have learned from this is that from October through when 3Y0Z are on the air, the West Coast should be able to work Bouvet on all low bands, but particularly 160M.

Competition will be the only real deciding factor, and as long as the team asks for West Coast Only, we might do well. Now I am especially happy that I have the Mod Bob with URAT and the SPE Expert 1.3K FA.

I’m as set as I can be – and have done all the right things to get ready for Bouvet.

While I’m waiting I will be mostly “Making”. No watching the grass grow or experiencing the “DX Doldrums” here!

And thanks again, Jari, OH6BG – these new VOACAP Online features now match the analysis that you can find in the ON4UN Lowband DX-ing Book – a must for any serious DXer.

As soon as we start hearing the ZS stations on the 40M LP morning path I will do a similar analysis using the new and improved VOACAP Online – it will be a lot of fun, and Jari has taken the work out of quickly understanding why stations are Q5 or ESP on the low bands. That is quite a feat!

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