Introducing The KY6R Maker Workbench

I’ve been so busy this week getting the u.RAT to work, and work is busy as well that I did not even have time to start playing with the Rigol DS 1024z. I at least have a square wave on it, using a procedure you use to calibrate your probes.

A little tour of the Maker part of the shack.

I have a list of about 12 things I’m doing that are “odds and ends”. I’ll be adding a piece of plexiglass up where you saw those insulators, because it helps with heating and cooling making the shack completely “double paned”. I was able to create a Noobs and Raspberry Pi Jesse Lite boot SD mini card for the Raspberry Pi Zero W, but that little processor died after just a few reboots. I think it’s very important to put these processors in cases right away, else they are susceptible to static and other damaging things. The larger Pi board seems impervious to such problems.

When it isn’t 100 plus degrees out, I will take that old tuner chassis you see above and add rails for the stepper motors. I’m actually more excited about giving presentations and sharing the u.RAT project than retrofitting my Mod Bob remote tuner. Just leaving the BT1500A tuned to 160M is all I need until Bouvet. For me, DXCC just isn’t very exciting any more and adding entities won’t help – its still watching the grass grow.

I am booked to give 4 presentations about it already, and I have floated an idea for a very advanced KPOD at Elecraft and they like it. It’s an extension of my simple project, that’s all I can share right now.

I will be getting the OLED and replacement Raspberry Pi Zero W this week, so will try again.

There are other odds and ends, but the success of getting the u.RAT to work this week was, and I am sure will be a huge milestone moving forward.

A great week and weekend indeed!

Speaking of that, we are half way between kids getting out of school and going back to school. Sort of like summer is half over.

My favorite season is Fall, so, this is cool.

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