LU5OM: A Year Later

VOACAP Online with its new grey line time mapping. This the time I worked Manuel this morning.

A year ago I worked LU for the first time on Top Band. I ended up working 5 new one’s between June 21 and September 21, so it was a good summer. I had been working on 160M RX antenna systems, and am now 100% set antenna wise for as long as I am at this QTH. I just worked LU5OM and it took some effort – I am sure I was hearing him better than he heard me.

So far this summer, I’ve worked one new one on Top Band, and I expect maybe a couple more – I’m hoping for V47 and T88, but with lightning to the East of me, I think South America and the Pacific are the best directions.

I still heard LU5OM CQ-ing right at his sunrise. He was still 559 – there was no “enhancement” as there was a few days ago.

The biggest factor on 160M is that there just aren’t many DX stations on this band. Its understandable given how hard it is to make even garden variety DX QSO’s. Trying to be effective on Top Band from a small lot took me years to get it figured out, and I ended up with a pretty unique antenna – one I have never seen mentioned or modeled before.

In fact, no kidding, I’m loving the Mod Bob + u.RAT a lot more than the N6BT DXU-32, which was my previous “favorite” antenna. Cracking the low band nut is a real challenge and a great feat when you finally do.

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