Lughnasadh, August 1

We are a few weeks away from a Celtic calendar day called a Cross Quarter Day. It’s the half way point between a solstice and an equinox. Agriculturally, it’s the very first part of the fall harvest.

As a father of two boys that went to Acalanes in the Lafayette school district, I clearly remember July 15 being halfway between end of school and beginning of next school year.

I looked at the Sunrise – Sunset site and notice that we lose more than 1/2 hour of daylight between now and August 1. It’s the start of an acceleration towards fall, and as an avid Low Bander, it’s like the run up to Christmas as a child.

I’m so pleased with both the Mod Bob and BT1500A at the base and how well it performs on all low bands.

I’m also wildly excited about the Raspberry Pi u.RAT and giving 2 presentations at Pacificon and one at EBARC.

I’m socializing the Data Dictionary I built at Credit Karma, and teaching Python to my team.

My front yard looks so good after that hard landscaping work this past spring.

So much good stuff, who has time for politicians?

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