DXCC in My Rear View Mirror

Its funny, lately I have been having so much fun in the Maker world that I keep forgetting to turn on the radio or even look at a cluster to see what is on. I find myself racing home from BART on my bike like a school kid wanting to get home to play.

Last night I went to bed with a giant smile on my face because the Raspberry Pi Zero W just blows me away. It really is like magic that you can have a Linux Server on half a credit card. Gee whiz – you could use it to act as an N1MM+ database server! My excitement is even more than when I first started chasing DXCC in July, 2001 – 16 years ago.

It couldn’t come at a better time because after VK0EK I felt like I had done it all. It was very weird that I had to wait a year to see if we would win DX-pedition of the Year (and we did of course), but while I really enjoyed going to Dayton a lot more than I had expected, VK0EK was already old news. In fact, I only booked my tickets to Dayton three weeks in advance because I just didn’t care. But when I got the call where I was told “You really should go to Dayton this year”, I decided OK – this is probably worth it (and it very much was – more than I had anticipated). I knew I would never volunteer for another DX-pedition, so this was it – this was the Big One.

I’m just like all DX-ers – we always want what’s ahead and quickly take what has happened for granted. I quickly turned off the “interest switch” after VK0EK, and of course only have Bouvet on the calendar of “big deals”.

Last summer I did dig deeply into Top Band RX antennas, and this Winter put up the “Mod Bob”, but I really did get to the end of what I can do antenna wise.

SO, I had this old Arduino starter kit and decided this time I would really try to play with it. I’m not good unless I have a real goal, and the Mod Bob and Palstar 1500A screamed for a remote tuning solution. Its been more than just fun – its been thrilling, which is just the opposite of DXCC, which has been mind numbingly boring.

So, while the Mod Bob and 160M is front and center, its funny how DXCC has taken a big back seat in my hobby time and in my psyche. It used to be front and center – in fact was in the drivers seat.

3 Comments on “DXCC in My Rear View Mirror

  1. Wait, shouldn’t “DXCC” appear backwards in your rear view mirror? Or is it like an ambulance and it was already reversed so it would appear the right way round?

    The weighty questions one asks at 3:30 AM!


    • It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle. I’m told we will only learn why during the Eclipse QSO Party ….


  2. Great to see you’re into a “new” part of our great hobby. And there is so much more to explore. I’m chasing DXCC myself but doing it for over 30 years. I have so many more interests in this hobby I can’t focus on just only DXCC. 73, Bas

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