The Amazing Raspberry Pi Zero W!

The Raspberry Pi Zero W on the left, and the Raspberry Pi 3 B on the right

The “regular” Raspberry Pi – on the right – is about the size of a credit card. So its even more amazing that a full on Linux machine can be even half that size, and have WiFi built in for only $10 US. 

For the u.RAT project I certainly don’t need a monitor or keyboard, so I will configure the Raspberry Pi Zero W to boot up and automatically run the urat program. Since it boots in WiFi – I just ssh into it and can gracefully shut down the computer before turning off the console that will house it.

To create a Raspberry Pi Raspian Jesse Lite OS boot SD card, I used a well known utility (Etcher) and procedure – format the card then use Etcher to flash an image (that I downloaded from Github). 

Here’s a super important tip:

If you don’t first format the SD card and get a good boot image the Raspberry Pi Zero W will look dead. I thought mine was zapped and it was just because I did not flash the SD card right. When the boot disk is good, the tiny green led will flash.

Ssh and WiFi ….

I then used sudo raspi-config to enable ssh and finally added this text:

ssid=”Your WiFi name”
psk=”Your WiFi password”

to the /etc/wpa-suplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file. I used my WiFi name and security key of course. Run ifconfig and see if the router is found and that you have an ip address. 

I still needed one last command:

sudo route add default gw

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