Upcoming Hacks

One of my favorite blogs – “Hackaday” http://hackaday.com/

I wake up each day now wondering “what can I build” – or at least “what new thing can I try and learn”. This is the essence of my “rebooting” my ham radio and electronics, and even computer “careers” / hobbies. The fact that several disciplines are combined make this so much more interesting than just one on their own. It really is like weaving a rich tapestry.


I also love the Adafruit web site and blog – https://www.adafruit.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz-6QvrOT1QIV04uzCh2wvgj5EAAYASAAEgI_oPD_BwE

Anyway, so, what’s up next – making things is a lot like working DXCC entities, as soon as you’ve worked them or made them, you feel like you have conquered that little (or big) challenge, so, its on to the next challenge. If you have to be a junkie, being a challenge junkie is surely a good addiction.

Maker “To Do” List

  1. Complete u.RAT by adding Pi OLED to Raspberry Pi Zero W. Add code to display the rotary encoder clicks using the library developed by the same guy who designed WiringPi. Mount a variable capacitor and roller inductor on a prototype board or old ATR-30 and use it for my upcoming demo’s and presentations (Ham Clubs and Pacificon)
  2. Add the u.RAT to my BT1500A
  3. Build a security camera that uses a proximity detector to “follow” something it sees. I already have a spare WebCam that is USB and have the NEMA-17 stepper motors. Possibly even articulate on an X and Y access (?)
  4. Create a set of belt driven creepy doll heads and whatnot that rotate or even look at each other and animate them in some sequence – for Halloween. Blinking LED lights for eyes. Use my Android phone to control it. Maybe synchronize to music
  5. Use the KX3 to run weak signal digital modes – using only the Mod Bob antenna – to really test its effectiveness

What the hell is he building in there?




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