U.RAT OLED Display Works!

I now have both the KPOD and and the Adafruit Pi OLED working on the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

As soon as it arrived, I soldered the header on to the Pi Zero W. I then used the Make script to build the OLED_96 library, then did the Build of WiringPi, then compiled the hacked Elecraft URAT code to use both libraries.

Huge shout out to Larry Bank who made this display possible! And thanks to Mike, KJ4Z, who found Larry’s GitHub library!

The KY6R LAB text you see above is in the urat.c code, and it initializes the OLED with that little “splash screen” text. I’ll need to look into how to write both text and an integer using the OLED_96 library next.

Earlier today, I built a plywood display platform which I will use to give presentations and demos.

The center section will have a nice Raspberry Pi Zero W in a fancy case. The KPOD will be out front so people can play with it.

It’s a bit orange because I was on our very nice back deck where we have orange canvas “sails” as an awning.

With my waning interest in DXCC, this ham maker stuff sure is rekindling my love of the hobby.

So much so, I can’t believe my ham life just revolved around the very silly and arbitrary DXCC list for 16 years.

Well, doing both is even better ….

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