U.RAT is Ready for Open Sourcing!

The u.RAT is now ready for Open Sourcing, but I need to talk to the fine people at Elecraft about this, since the project is driven by the KPOD and is “KPOD Centric”. I guess someone could replace the KPOD with their own rotary encoder and switch instead of the KPOD, but I very specifically wanted to drive the project from the KPOD.

The best part about this project is that I went from dream to a finished “product” (or is it just a “hack”?) by playing, learning and collaborating with others. Its amazing how powerful the Open Source Community, the Maker Community and the Amateur Radio Communities are. I believe Hams and Makers are one in the same – just a different genre. All three of these are very much intertwined.

I haven’t had this much fun in years as far as Ham Radio is concerned.

I will next put the Raspberry Pi Zero W in a cool see through Plexiglas case that I have, and then wire it up permanently. This will be my “show and tell” rig for presentations. I have another Raspberry Pi Zero W for the Mod Bob and the BT1500A, but at this point I’m going to spend my time writing an article and putting together a presentation for clubs and Pacificon.

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