The Social Media Dustbin

I’m doing what I can to “take out the trash” as far as social media is concerned. Facebook and now Twitter are out of my life. I will not participate in something our Asshole in Chief abuses as he lets our government go to hell in a hand basket. I deep sixed eHam years ago. I also sold my car to protest with my wallet. Small gestures, but it feels good to do something instead of just bitch about things whilst on social media. Its a call to action, and the old saying “Be the change you want to see” is so relevant in this day and age. It is cathartic for sure.

Enter Github, Slack and Meetup – three incredibly useful social media channels where people cooperate and collaborate. Not only did they motivate me to dive head first into the Maker world, they also have me going out and meeting people in person – something far better than sitting behind Facebook and Twitter fuming and bitching.

So, I’m going to keep trading negativity for positive replacements, and do it mindfully and actively.

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