40 is The New 20!

Yesterday I had some very strange propagation on 20M – it seemed even Caribbean Contest stations were working the 4’s and some East Coast, but struggled to work us on the West Coast. It was so bad I turned the radio off and went about the day.

Later at night, I worked SO1WS very easily with the DXE DV-40-P vertical array, and just now, I worked ZS5IE on the long path and we were 5×8 both ways – very strong.

This at the end of the path opening, but what is encouraging is that serious distance and rare DX could be worked on 40 when 20M is as crummy as it has been. 20M sure feels like the bottom of the cycle, and I am pleased that our 40M LP is coming back – after at least 2 months of it being gone.  There is still more space weather noise, but I expect that that will calm down. The SSN is only 12, which is about where VK0EK was for more of the time than I would have liked. But still – 40M is not as effected by sunspot levels as 20M.

40M saved my bacon at the bottom of the last cycle, and while I am at the end of my DXCC chase, I still love this ZS long path – even just listening to others work the path.

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