Fantastic Electronics Book

This hands down the best electronics book that I have ever purchased. Yes, even better than the venerable ARRL Handbook. I say this because today’s electronics is more about integrating pre-assembled boards and processing power than soldering discreet components.

I still encourage all hams to purchase the ARRL Handbook, ARRL Antenna Book and (especially) the ARRL ON4UN Lowband DX-ing Book, because they cover the things that this book doesn’t – RF from DC to daylight.

In the 90’s I did try to get back into ham radio by building several QRP Kits with discreet components – the SST, K1, KX1 and a few others, but there is no way that I would do that again – now everything I build will have a processor at its core, and the Raspberry Pi Zero W is by far and away my favorite platform, and Python and C are my favorite languages.

So, for “modern” circuit building, and even the theory part of the book, this one is my new favorite.

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