u.RAT and This Blog Featured on the Adafruit Blog!

The Adafruit Blog, Copyright Adafruit featured this blog today, August 1.


Adafruit was founded by “Lady Ada”, AC2SN, and I am finding more and more that if you want a reliable component, you will never go wrong ordering from Adafruit. Their site is amazing wealth of resources – including CAD drawings for their designed components – such as the cute little Pi-OLED that really make the u.RAT rock! Some drawings are in Eagle and Fritzing format, and they always have tutorials and information to help you make your project a success. Their forum is very helpful – and in the case of the Pi-OLED, Mike, KJ4Z helped me find Larry Banks FB library, and I shared that with the Adafruit forum – so that others using C will be able to make the Pi-OLED work.

Adafruit products are available at their site and also sold at Amazon and other outlets on the web. I have been burned by some cheap knock off Chinese clone products, and so will be a lot more likely to look for the Adafruit, Arduino or Raspberry Pi official logos. And their prices are very good too.

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