Superb W6 – ZL Path on Top Band

I’m hearing several ZL stations very well on Top Band this morning, and they are on SSB no less.

I hear some lightning strikes that seem to be mostly in Kansas and Nebraska, but not enough to quell the ZL’s.

Its really starting to feel like the “Lowband Season” is near – we lose a full hour of daylight this month, and the first 5 days of August we have already lost 7 minutes of daylight. While I love riding my bike to and from work in the daylight, I must admit – I like my cozy shack when “Lowband Season” is in full swing. This Fall and Winter I will be in mt best shape low band wise. The Mod Bob and BT1500A and the DX Engineering DV-40-P phased array antennas are all I need. The 20M 2 element home brewed yagi might get a work out – for 3Y, yesterday a CE station came booming in, and so that path to 3Y was looking great there.

Yes, I’m still a DXer, just one at the end of my “paper chasing” phase. One day soon I will only be on the low bands.

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