U.RAT Ready for World Domination!

The final part of this u.RAT “science fair project” is wiring the variable capacitor and roller inductor with a 50 ohm dummy load resistor and then attaching the Rig Experts AA-30 so we can see how tuning the components affects SWR and what the L, C and X values are.

I have been playing with different “equivalent circuits” and using a 56 ohm as a dummy load for an antenna, but the control that seems to affect the SWR the most is the variable capacitor.


Which shows the components that would be in an “L Tuner” and the other components / values for the equivalent circuit. I will re-read my theory books to figure out why the capacitor is the component that is doing all the work. The inductor almost seems to look like a short because of the resistor – I’m not sure.


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