ARRL Guide to Antenna Tuners

This is a decent book which covers all of the different kinds of commercial – and a few home brewed antenna tuners (couplers). It is a high level book and offers  practical explanation of why you might choose one model over another and also whether or not you would use an internal or external or tuner in the shack or out at the antenna.

There are some especially useful pages (for my application):

  • 3-3 shows variations on the LC circuit that I have in the u.RAT, proving while simple, its still a viable antenna coupling circuit – its just not very versatile. If you were to use an LC circuit at the base of a single vertical, the unbalanced LC circuit is all you need – especially if you are setting it up to be a mono band antenna. The u.RAT circuit as it is covers 80, 40 and 30M just fine – but whenever you try to also include 160M, things get a whole lot more interesting . . .
  • 8-3 shows the losses when using different types of coax and also when having the tuner at the antenna or in the shack. Now I’m very happy that I decided to put the BT1500A right at the antenna – it is as low loss as I can get and is a versatile as I can get as far as it being a Low Band antenna coupler. I could not have made better choices
  • Chapter 14 covers Balanced Antenna Tuners very nicely

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