Who Will Be Featured on the 2017 Cover of QST – October DX Special?

I think of all the awards, this one cover of the legendary QST Magazine will always be my favorite. I was completely surprised and taken aback by it. In fact, it was such a big deal for me personally that I did not even plan on going to Dayton (until I was urged to go only weeks before it took place, and I got the “nudge nudge, wink wink). Bob, KK6EK won the Cover Plaque Award to boot. Just amazing.

Another complete surprise is the wonderful ARRL DXCC Yearbook. Its now a PDF only affair – so is not quite as prominent as the 2016 October QST article, but I’m betting the ARRL will keep it on their site as they do QST now.

So, who will be on the cover of this years October QST – DX Edition? I don’t remember any big deal DX-peditions since that first quarter of last year – so it will no doubt be a surprise.

If all goes well with 3Y0Z, I will bet we will see 3Y0Z also in all of the magazines and publications and winning awards by this time next year. Besides being the only interesting DX News this year, they also have an epic project with an epic price tag. That price tag alone is huge DX news . . . .

I will get to “consummate” all of this at Pacificon, where I had given 10 years of presentations that led up to both DXCC Honor Roll and then VK0EK. I have always chronicled my journey in my Antenna Forum Presentations – showing what I did to meet my operating goals as far as antennas were concerned.

Now I move onward and upward to the Maker and Ham World, so it will be nice to use this years presentations as my “gateway” to my next chapter in this wonderful hobby.

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