Mandelbrot Set

IBM had a problem – they had noise on telephone lines which caused data errors way back in the day. They hired some very interesting people to solve the problem, and this video is quite fascinating – and really fun:

Just for fun, I found and ran a simple Python program that produces a Mandelbrot Set (a Fractal):

from pylab import *
from numpy import NaN
def m(a):
	z = 0
	for n in range(1, 100):
		z = z**2 + a
		if abs(z) > 2:
			return n
	return NaN
X = arange(-2, .5, .002)
Y = arange(-1,  1, .002)
Z = zeros((len(Y), len(X)))
for iy, y in enumerate(Y):
	print (iy, "of", len(Y))
	for ix, x in enumerate(X):
		Z[iy,ix] = m(x + 1j * y)
imshow(Z, cmap =, interpolation = 'none', extent = (X.min(), X.max(), Y.min(), Y.max()))

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