Siglent SDG800 Function Generator

I’ve been researching test gear, and it is actually more for my education than anything.

For pure digital circuits, the Salaea Logic Analyzer is a good choice, and while I understand it can handle some analog signals, this is where a function generator and oscilloscope comes in.

At, I can draw a schematic diagram and simulate what it would look like in an oscilloscope:

Then I can build the circuit on a breadboard and measure it with my test gear. 

Between this simulation and the real test gear, plus my favorite new electronics book:

I will be learning so much and haven’t been this excited about the ham radio hobby pretty much ever. I always wanted to really understand electronics – and in a very hands on “visual” way. Today’s technology is where I have wanted it to be for a long time. We live in an amazingly great time, technically speaking, wish I could say that politically . . .  alas ….

So, with this gear, plus my Fluke DMM and Rig Expert AA-30, I set to test, explore, and learn about electronics in a way I couldn’t before.

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