Karma and the Will of Good People

Unfortunately, I have experienced three people in my life who attempted to make my life hell, and in the first two cases they were people in my direct “sphere of influence”. These people tried to hinder my progress in life. The third is a politician who hands down is the most detrimental person I have ever experienced in American society. Here are the traits of these three:

  • Pathological Narcissists who are always right and constantly bully others – they are blowhard pontificates who just never stop. They are exhausting and depressing
  • You can NEVER “talk sense” into them. They don’t listen, don’t care and have zero humility. They always rebound like a bad hemorrhoid
  • They have very thin skin, turn from bully to victim, and in the end do something that crashes their weak house of cards down – they always implode – because they are their own worst enemies
  • Eventually they get their “comeuppance”, and I have learned how to deal with them

How to deal with a Pathological Narcissist (who is really a “persistent and relentless” bully):

  • Ignore them. It will be one of the hardest things to do in your life. They are “professional trolls”. They WANT to suck you in – and you will never win by responding
  • Double (triple) down doing whatever positive things you are doing (that pisses them off and that which gives them great pain). The truth is – they are in far more pain than you are
  • Bide your time thinking about that cartoon above. In every case, a “miracle” happened where the bully who came after me just stopped because I outlasted them, but more importantly, I succeeded doing exactly what they tried to prevent me from doing. Once I achieved what they seemed to want to keep me from achieving – they gave up and went away

This is very hard work. In one instance I had to deal with this crap for 7 years. In the other about 3 or 4 years, so yeah, sometimes it lasts far longer than you’d wish or ever expect. There are two Buddhist expressions that I love – “Do nothing extra” and “The hardest thing to do is nothing”.

I had to edit this posting because just days after writing it, the US has witnessed a few sweeping changes politically that are truly miraculous and which – as I had experienced twice before in my life – are best depicted by that fellow above in the cartoon. Bullies ALWAYS do this – not on your timeline or mine (but you can count on this nevertheless), and for this, I am sure that Karma is Real!

Love, in the end, will conquer Hate.


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