An October Surprise?

I grew up in Sussex County, NJ, which is the northern most county in NJ and has many small towns and country roads that look more like New England than what you might expect in NJ.

By this time last year, the trees had already started turning color, and I have confirmed that its was because of the drought. The dry forces the chlorophyll to change colors earlier than normal. After a drenching Winter, things are different this year. Autumn is still my favorite time of the year, and I never get tired of it.

Its hard to imagine that the Appalachian Trail passes almost through the town I grew up in. Yes, there are hillbillies in NJ!

I am sure that I love the old San Francisco buildings like the Phelan Building that I work in and I also feel lucky that Lamorinda has quite a bit of color in the Fall. We love cycling from Orinda to Danville in the Fall – its not as colorful as Sussex County was, but for the Bay Area, its a little oasis with enough color and a great fall feeling.

The Delaware Water Gap – near Columbia, NJ and East Stroudsburg, PA

The fall colors in NJ come and go fast – they might last a month or 6 weeks, then it gets really grey and Wintery. I prefer the SF Bay Area weather by far, we will have Fall colors from September all the way into December, so while its not overwhelming as Sussex County is – you can always ride your bike and pass enough trees in glorious fall colors, and with the superb weather, I’ll take Lamorinda. We also usually go up to Bend Oregon in the Fall, and that town heightens the Fall Effect for me.

Autumn and the longer nights turn my attention to Top Band, and I am ready to roll with the “Mod Bob”. There is a web site and QRZ.COM listing for 3Y0I, so lets see what happens there – maybe we will see a surprise? I’m sure 3Y0Z will do well – and we are getting closer than we all think to working Bouvet Island, which will be the first ATNO since VK0EK for me. It sure gets “lonely at the top” DXCC wise – hi hi, but thankfully, the Maker World has kept my shack from becoming cob web infested as it did during the bottom of Cycle 23.


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