Nixon’s Ghost

Greatful Dead’s Jerry Garcia wore this hat when his nickname was “Captain Trips”.

Kat and I went to the last showing off a De Young Museum show called “The Summer of Love”. At the time, we were both 8 years old, and she lived in LA near Melrose and I lived in Newton, NJ, a suburb of NYC.

The show had a great mixture of fashion, art, socio-political writings and posters, music and everything “counter culture”.

I missed the Vietnam war draft by just a few years, but I was as aware of what was going on because of the older high school kids who lived in my neighborhood, and because our media came from NYC and even a little from Philadelphia.

By today’s standards, the multi media light shows and even printing seemed quaint, but it was cool how creative they were with analog technology.

Here’s an Orinda connection – Owlsley “Bear” Stanley, the Dead’s Sound Engineer and manufacturer of more than a million hits of acid, was busted at his La Espiral house in 1967. At first, LSD was legal.

The timing of going to the show was just right. And even more ironic is this Art Buchwald article written about Nixon:

That 1973 column was written when I just passed my Novice license test and when I was 13 years old. As it was then, it is now. The parallels are amazing, and the worries of those who were part of The Summer of Love must be especially amazed at where we are today, 50 years later.

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