Where Have All The Top Banders Gone?

There were three announced 160M activations this summer that never happened.

There have been at least 4 mega DXpeditions whose 160M activation was pitiful in the last several years. I do understand that its a hard band to put antennas up (and keep them up) and that it also doesn’t have the “ROI” that other bands offer.

I had expected as we slide down the sunspot cycle that more would be interested in Top Band. But it seems like just the opposite is happening.

I’m wondering if Top Band has seen it’s best days or if I’m just a little ahead of myself. Autumn is almost here in the Northern Hemisphere, so fingers crossed that there will be more 160M DX.


5 Comments on “Where Have All The Top Banders Gone?

  1. I guess the high bands subsidize top band, even if top banders give generously. There just aren’t *that* many people rabidly chasing DXCC on 160.

    So if conditions cause depressed enthusiasm and reduced participation, I guess all bands suffer.

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    • This morning I heard the best conditions on 160 in many months. VK’s and ZL’s were S9 as was a fellow in Alaska. Maybe since we are getting close to the Equinox, the Northern Hemisphere will wake up.


  2. Hi Rich,

    I’m hoping that the wild popularity of FT8 will breath some life into 160 this fall / winter season. I’ve experimented with it a bit and made a few Q’s into VK-land with 25 watts on 20 meters. FT8 may enable my little station to pick up a few new countries on 160.

    73, Tom


    • I really need to try FT8. Any of the digital modes that let you work below the noise level seem perfect for Top Band!


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