Balanced Vs. Unbalanced Antenna Matching

I’m going to add the URAT to a 70′ tall wire vertical with 96 buried radials, and this is a classic 80M quarter wavelength vertical. Its an unbalanced feed with an unbalanced antenna. It will require an L matching circuit:

I like VE7BPO’s diagram, and I am guessing that I will need to wire the variable capacitor and roller inductor using circuit B, but I will report back this weekend.

This is the BT1500A circuit, which is a balanced tuner where you can switch the capacitor to be at the input or output of the dual roller inductors. This is perfect for the “Mod Bob” antenna, and is quite different than a simple vertical feed.

Its funny, but I’m becoming exclusively a low band only DXer, and I do believe this is where I will stay. The low band antennas will still let me work the higher bands, but not as well as with a high yagi. In fact, I will take down my 2 element 20M home brewed yagi after I make Top of the Honor Roll, and that will be it for the high bands. I also am not interested in climbing roofs or towers any more, and am happy that I don’t have anything big and heavy hanging over my roof. If anything happens to my low band antennas, they are very easy to maintain and require no climbing.

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