TX5K is the QSO’s Per Hour and QSO’s Per Day Champ!

I worked on the TX5K Clipperton DX-pedition a few years back, and it was the “warm up” for working on the VK0EK Heard Island DX-pedition. TX5K did receive a very nice award – the “Best Communication” award for our work in communicating “near real time” with DX-ers, Sponsors and Dx-peditioner family members during the DX-pedition. But if you go to the GDXF “Mega DX-pedition Honor Roll” page:


You will see that TX5K – which was mainly the Bavarian Contest Clubs doing, deserves an award in this class. Its nice to see them mentioned and listed on this site – because its quite the accomplishment!

VK0EK also just won this award as well. VK0EK also went on to win the DX-pedition of the Year Award:

There are many different ways to slice and dice the statistics, and like my friends – who are really into baseball and especially pitcher stats – its fun to see why they like one pitcher over another. The same thing can be done with DX-peditions, but for me – it was just a joy and a lifelong great memory to have been very involved with VK0EK and involved with TX5K in a meaningful way.

Hats off to the teams who activated these entities, and to all DX-peditions and DX-peditioners – its a lot of work and a huge commitment in time and money.

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