Collins 32-V3 Antenna Tuner Circuit

I stumbled on a suggestion for a balanced tuner circuit that is suggested in an old Collins 32-V3 transmitter manual. The top circuit is one that I am most interested in. I’d love to try it and compare it to the Palstar BT1500A – which works perfectly, but it would be super if I could use the URAT with two variable capacitors and a fixed tapped inductor.

This “series tuning” circuit I just have to try.

One Comment on “Collins 32-V3 Antenna Tuner Circuit

  1. You can do with just one varco and one fixed, tapped or variable inductor. Google on S-Match. I’ve been experimenting with it and plan a rebuilt of a MFJ tuner to it. Might be interesting for you! 73, Bas


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