U.RAT Version 2.0 and Experiments

The u.RAT that I will set up tomorrow will replace the Palstar BT1500A, but only as a test – to see if two Palstar C600 variable capacitors plus one inductor will work on 160M. I expect it will work on 160 and 30M, but not sure about 80M.

I split the control box and the drivers so that the Raspberry Pi Zero is in the control box:

Which realizes my original design, and it takes 7 wires in the rotator control cable, which is great:

The back has all of the connections that add power and signal out to the remote URAT:

And the on light and 12v to 5v converter is inside:

I have just the wires to and from the capacitors to wire up, then it’s a big finger crossing time early tomorrow morning before it gets too hot. I’ll need to experiment a bit using my fabulous Rig Expert AA-30, which I have gotten my money’s worth 100 times over.

If I need a coil or two, I’m hoping to wind them using refrigerator tubing and making them fixed. Here are some experiments I can try:

  1. Test with just the two variable C600 capacitors – they are rated at – 5.5 kV and 23-550 pF
  2. Add a shunt inductor at the input of the two capacitors and then at the output
  3. Add a shunt capacitor at the input and output of the two capacitors
  4. Add series inductors at the input and then output of the capacitors
  5. Some combination of 2 +3

If I do pull this off with these two variable capacitors and a coil or two – then I guess I wouldn’t have needed the Palstar BT-1500A, but since all of this was funded by selling my car – its all good. But if it does work – then the BT1500A either goes on the shelf or goes up for sale. Not sure – I really, really love this tuner.

SO – I have (and am still) learning so much – how much is that worth?

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