October QST “DX Issue” Cover

This year’s ARRL QST edition does not feature a team, but instead, its an antenna farm. I have been very curious about this since VK0EK was immortalized on last years DX Edition, and was also on the cover of the DXCC Yearbook.

For me, DXCC has become quite boring, but with the maker and ongoing antenna work, I am always engaged and happy – even if its just calling ZS on the LP or SP on 40M with an antenna I designed and built, or working a new one on 160M.

I’ve written about what I think the future of DXing and DXCC might be – but when it comes down to it – I live in the day and enjoy each day as best I can regardless of DXCC or awards chasing is concerned. In fact, I only have 4600 QSO’s in my log – going back to 1973! I am 95% SWLer – I do turn the radio on every day and listen no matter what. I tune around and check propagation by seeing if I can hear something that is spotted.

This summer a whole new world has opened up – and now that I have even experimented with Maker Meets Ham projects as they relate to antennas and DX-ing is concerned, I’m in it for the long haul.

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