The Best Two Antennas I Have Ever Had

For all low bands, 160-30M, my own designed “Modified Bobtail” is a very clear winner. I’ve blogged extensively about this antenna, and the best antenna tuner for this antenna – and my favorite antenna tuner of all time is the Palstar BT1500A. Every feature, knob and button is useful and perfect for the Mod Bob.

The best yagi antenna I have ever had was the N6BT DXU-32. It is also a real masterpiece, with 2 elements on 40 and 3 on 20M, you can easily make DXCC Honor Roll in 10 years or less with this bad boy.

If I had this antenna when I started my DXCC chase, I would have made Top of Honor Roll in 15 years and VK0EK, Heard Island would have been my last one. Bouvet – 3Y0E and Glorioso – FT5GA were activated and I missed both. The reason? My antenna. I don’t have the best QTH for antennas, but I did hear 3Y0E but never heard FT5GA with my antennas – which was a single vertical for the low bands and  20M moxon only up 30′.

Which leads me to tower – even with the N6BT DXU-32 only up 50′ on the amazing military mast system AB-577, I worked anything and was first in many pileups (with my ACOM 1500 amp – which I still love even though I replaced it with the equally fantastic SPE Expert 1.3K FA).





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