How Low Can I Go?

OK, now that I have nailed all of my big goals for this year (already) it’s time to get very, very serious about losing 50 pounds.

Ten years ago I lost 30 pounds, so I know exactly what and how to do this. Every Sunday I’ll put a small mention in my blog as a way to put pressure on my self.

My goal is 2 pounds a week, and if I have a bad week it will be that I stay the same.

I know there will be plateaus, but the best psychology is to just keep chipping away at the stone and move the ball toward the goal line as much as possible, and that each week will be a success.

My father and aunt had the same exact problem, and my only advantage is that I have been a serious athlete in the past, and I do things like cycle 50 miles a week without thinking about it. I can’t do the 160 mile a week like I did 20 years ago, but I can do enough that will ensure success.

The big tackle is changing my diet in a semi radical way, but as I said, I have been down this road before.

I also accept that I am and will always be fighting genetics and behavioral preferences.

2 Comments on “How Low Can I Go?

  1. I haven’t written you or responded to your posts lately but I still subscribe to your blog. I want to wish you the best with your weight loss goal. All I can say is that if you really want it, it will happen. I quit smoking 10 years ago because I finally decided that I really wanted to quit, and I’ve never looked back. I gained weight afterwards and after another year I started to lead a more healthy lifestyle with changes to my diet and exercise. That’s when I took up cycling, which I still do today. Lately however I have been putting on the pounds due to my new-found appreciation for craft beer. I’ve started cutting back on those too though, and trying to make better choices.

    Again, best wishes. Stick with it and you’ll do fine. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a “zero” week (zero loss). Don’t try to make up for it, just make steady progress.

    73, Tom


  2. Will be interested to follow this adventure. Need to shed weight and improve health here too. Working at a desk all day doesn’t make that easy. Keep us posted.

    On another note, why don’t your forward your domain name here?

    73, Jeff

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