The Carrington Event and 3Y0Z?

One hundred years and six months before I was born, The Carrington Event occurred, which was an amazing set of solar explosions that set fire to telegraph apparatus and gave operators serious shocks. The author starts out with a series of solar

explosions that occurred in 2003, not long after I started DXing, and one that happened right during the 3C0V DXpedition.

He then segues back in time to what is the beginning of modern day solar weather monitoring.

A few weeks ago, we experienced exactly what the author describes that happened in 2003, and I bet what we experienced is just the first of several more like it.

In fact, we might even look at the 4th quarter of 2003 and see that as a predictor for conditions leading up to 3Y0Z.

Anyway, the book listed above reads like a detective novel, and I can’t put it down.

If you love space weather as I do, you’ll love this book.

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