KY6R 40M Antenna Shootout

On Sunday, Sunday SUNDAY, I will get my two 40M antennas ready for a 40M antenna shootout.

Only one set of “antlers” can win. Here is the criteria:

  1. This test is for Bouvet on 40M. The Mod Bob vs. the DX Engineering DV-40-P
  2. ZS, LU, CE and VP8 stations are preferred, because LU is the exact SP to Bouvet, and there is almost no chance that 3Y0Z will be workable on the 40M long path
  3. A secondary goal is ZS on the short and long path because I never get tired of working ZS on 40M since it also informs me of my last one, Glorioso

My DV-40-P gave up the ghost so I have to fix it first. I’m pretty sure I know what it is and that it will be an easy fix. It’s either a chewed wire or a feedpoint connection.

Worst case, my Mod Bob fried the remote phasing box of the DV-40-P, but I doubt it. The DV-40-P box is a toroid, a hand full of capacitors and a couple relays. All rated at high voltage.

I have done some preliminary comparisons, and believe the two antennas are (at best) equal on the SP to Bouvet, with the Mod Bob having and almost undetectable 1 dB advantage.

I’m hoping that the Mod Bob obviates the need for the DV-40-P, but I will stick to the “scientific method” and be honest about the outcome.

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