Quiet Contemplation

Autumn is a great time to sit back and, like the harvest, reflect on the growing season and contemplate what harvest time means in my life.

Where have I been? Where am I headed?

You can’t change where you’ve been, but I like to ask “What if” questions about the future.

Some are very short term, and some long term. They all involve cost benefit analysis, and I don’t mean cost money wise, but time wise.

I have found that “Less is More” is almost always the best approach.

Short Term Goal Example

In ham radio, since I want to work 3Y0Z and conditions most likely won’t be great on the high bands, I need to make sure I have the best antennas up for the Low Bands. I need to decide if the DV-40-P stays up or if the Mod Bob is better with it’s better EZNec broadsided pattern. But what about on air, and while listening to a CE or LU station or best yet, VP8 or ZS? 

Maybe I need to try FT8 soon too as it could be a life saver Bouvet wise.

Testing this weekend will answer all ham questions.

Six Months Ahead

I just completed a fantastic 6 months at work, and in all aspects of my life. What about the next 6 months? At work I will start delivering web apps written in React.js, Redux and Material UI. I also will be writing Python and doing database design.

The answer there is known, which is to build on the very strong foundation that I started with the Data Dictionary at Credit Karma. 

The only big change is to be very mindful about losing weight and to take time and care to continue what I’ve started this week. I also need to go back to yoga – I have neglected some important things health wise – due to giving 1000% towards the Data Dictionary.

Hobby wise, I’m lucky, I have time and can just “play”. I will start playing more with my oscilloscope and signal generator, but just for fun.

There will be Pacificon, but not much in the way of scheduled stuff.

There, I think I’ve just charted my course for the next 6 months!

Longer Term

This one is open ended. Where and when will I retire. It will be Oregon, but the when is totally open and none too soon.

2 Comments on “Quiet Contemplation

  1. Very nice approach as opposed to the New Years Eve night. I really like the fall approach as I am the type that likes to sit down and think it through. I now have some fall planning to do!

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  2. As a Druid, I believe the Autumnal equinox is a holy day. Much more energy as the Earth re-balances itself in its endless orbit.

    Enjoy the introspection.

    And get busy with FT8. I’m already 1,000 Q’s ahead of you. Not much to learn. Click, log, click, log. Drink tea. Namaste!

    73, Jeff

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