FT8, ASUS Tinker Board and KX3

My friend Mike, KJ4Z has been using a more powerful SBC (single board computer) than the Raspberry Pi, the ASUS Tinker Board. You MUST check out his blog – he’s got this all dialed in – and I am following his lead and learning from him:


Mike has confirmed that FT8 runs fine on it, so I will take the KX3 out of the closet, run it maybe at 20 watts, and try FT8 on the Tinker Board.

I don’t even care about DXCC this time around, I’m doing this just because the idea of a tiny computer and a tiny rig – both which pack an amazing amount of power for their diminutive size is just plain cool.

I have a really nice big screen monitor in the shack hooked up to the P3, but never use it since the P3 is right in front of me and offers enough resolution as it is.

So, I will move the monitor over to this Tinker Board and run FT8 on it.

I also ordered the very cool Black Ice case for it, and so now I know what my next “Ham-Maker” project will be.
I will also run a geochron like clock on this device, so this will add big excitement to the shack.

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